Organizations Responding to the Rohingya Crisis

Rohingya in crisisMore than 400,000 Rohingya refugees have entered Bangladesh within the past month and are currently residing in temporary camps.

According to Bangladeshi organizations on the ground, the refugees who have made it to Bangladesh are predominantly women and children in desperate need of shelter, food, water, and medical care.

As part of CAF America’s Diaspora Gives Bangladesh program, we have four partners in Bangladesh who are working to provide humanitarian assistance in this dire time.

Dhaka Community Hospital TrustThe team at DCH Trust is mobilizing its doctors and staff to provide medical treatment by its doctors, health assessments of refugees, distribution of health kits and purification tablets, in addition to medical counseling services.

BRACBRAC’s immediate response is for the Cox’s Bazaar region. In coordination with the International Organization for Migration, BRAC is providing healthcare for pregnant women, micronutrient powder for more than 10,000 children, medicine to treat diarrhea and pneumonia, while also constructing latrines and wells.

Jago NariRecognizing that the majority of those affected are women and children, Jago Nari is distributing children’s nutrition boxes, which contain items such as, baby formula, diapers, clean wipes, saline and zinc tablets, and other items to ensure child health.

Dhaka Ahsania Mission: Targeting 10,000 individuals to provide emergency first aid, healthcare, basic medicines, psychosocial support, etc free of cost with referral linkage with government hospitals.


Photo courtesy of Jago Nari