Diaspora Gives Bangladesh at Fobana 2017

Fobana Collage

In the past month, the Diaspora Gives Bangladesh team had the great honor to join the 31st Annual Convention of the Federation of Bangladeshi Organizations in North America(FOBANA) in Miami, Florida. During the Convention, we had the pleasure of engaging in meaningful conversations with Bangladeshi diaspora from all over North America who shared their opinions about the most pressing issues where philanthropy can make a difference.

Since its inception in 1987, FOBANA (Federation of Bangladeshi Associations in North America) has been recognized as an umbrella organization where Bangladeshi diasporans from the US and Canada gather to celebrate their heritage and culture. The participants’ interest in supporting their home communities in a philanthropic capacity was truly inspiring and we were thrilled to see the genuine enthusiasm at the prospect of being able to give to trusted organizations in Bangladesh which have been carefully vetted.

A recurring talking point at the convention was the current Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh. There was a great amount of sympathy shown and the participants along with the leadership at FOBANA welcomed the opportunity provided by the DGB online portal  to directly contribute to relieving the situation for both Bangladeshi citizens and the affected Rohingya in a simple, safe, and effective manner.

The “Business Power Lunch” hosted by the organizers provided further opportunities for us to discuss philanthropic giving with the diasporans. The commitment of the Diaspora Gives Bangaldesh program to support the philanthropic efforts of those who wish to contribute to the development of their home communities as well as our belief that one’s success in the United States can resonate back to Bangladesh was well received and, more importantly, prompted conversations about issue areas personally important to FOBANA attendees.  

We would like to extend our gratitude to the leadership of FOBANA as well as the participants  for welcoming us to join this powerful event. Learn more about diaposra philanthropy in Bangladesh at www.diagives.org