Sylhet Jubo Academy

About:The Sylhet Jubo Academy is working to combat diseases, protect women and children from violence, and provide clean water and sanitation.

Vision: A society free from poverty, hunger and all forms of discrimination based on gender, creed or ethnicity.

Mission: SJA deals with people in distress, who are poverty stricken, socioeconomic ally marginalized, illiterate, disables, discriminated due to gender, creed, ethnicity and so and thereby excluded. Women and children, the most vulnerable group of the population, are the primary concern of SJA. The organization promisingly and persistently works to uplift the downtrodden, and to bring sustainable changes in the lives of the deprived people.

SJA is committed to establish well organized community of healthy and literate individuals who are both motivated and empowered to develop/improve their socioeconomic status. SJA firmly believes that through partnership and active participation, local people can develop their own capacity to make productive use of local resources, wise use and conservation of natural resources.

SJA desires to help people in rediscovering/regenerating their hidden potential by promoting human rights, dignity, gender equality and creating healthy living environment.

In the complex process of human development SJA remains open in learning and sharing of knowledge and skills, in partnership building with organizations, Government institutions, development partners for being ever unsaturated in the development process.

SJA upholds humanity and gives importance to and values human potential and discourages any sort of sectarianism. SJA maintains gender balanced staffing, encourages their development/improvement and broadens their commitment level towards the grassroots where the inspiration of SJA remains/belongs to.

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Sustainable Development Goals:

Goal 1: No Poverty
Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being
Goal 4: Quality Education
Goal 5: Gender Equality
Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation
Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities