Diaspora Giving

We understand the barriers that inhibit diaspora members from making strategic investments in their countries of origin. Through partnerships, we are developing scalable solutions to overcome these barriers, increase capital flows to origin countries, and generate sustainable social and economic impact.

Diaspora Gives

Diaspora Gives Bangladesh is a flagship program of Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) America that aims to harness the untapped social and economic potential of diaspora communities by expanding and streamlining the efficiency and effectiveness of their philanthropic investments.

Uniting for Bangladesh

Our objective is to empower diasporas to tax-effectively channel philanthropic capital to their countries of origin in ways that are beneficial for sustainable development.

Bangladesh has been chosen as the pilot country for the Diaspora Gives program. Bangladesh is seeking to become a middle-income country by the year 2021 and has already made substantial progress in bringing its people out of poverty. But there’s still work to be done — we believe that concerted philanthropy from the Bangladesh diaspora is key to achieving this and bettering the lives of Bangladeshis everywhere.

Bangladesh Facts

People live in Bangladesh
Years Old
The average age in Bangladesh is 26 years old
More than 270,000 Bangladeshis live in the United States and Canada
17 Sustainable Development Goals that can help Bangladesh reach middle-income status by 2021